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I FINALLY made a will! I used State Trustees - currently only $25 in their EOFY sale!

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Scott Talks Podcast 👇

A series of conversations with amazing people about gender, parenting, masculinity, acceptance, empowerment and much much more.

Episode 1: Kristen Bell
on parenting & gender stereotypes.

Episode 2: Sean Szeps
on acceptance & inclusion in parenting.

Episode 3: Justin Baldoni
on undefining masculinity.

Episode 4: Jeffrey Marsh
on self-worth, self-love and self-acceptance.

Episode 5: Callum Francis
on representation & inclusion in the arts.

Episode 6: Deni Todorovic
on degendering fashion.

Episode 7: Bethany C. Meyers
on body confidence & neutrality.

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True You Kids 👇

Empowering, Gender Neutral Apparel for Little Humans - launching soon!